We are the first laboratory of rapid tests for immunochromatography in Portugal and one of the first in Europe.

We have a highly specialized team with training in different areas like in Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Human Medicine.

We are the forefront of diagnosis the level of medicine, the first option, the simplest, cheapest, and with close to 100% reliability. This is our contribution so that all citizens have access to health conditions and affordable to everyone without compromising the quality and the environment.

We are the solution to getting an accurate diagnosis, simple, cheap, fast and available to any patient.

Accuracy, quality and research is our motto and why our products have international quality certificates.

We are committed to caring for the environment through rigorous treatment of our waste, using pressure on water vapor, without recourse to methods pollutants.


Vision and Mission

The Pantest identity is characterized by its Vision, the Mission and the goals it sets out to achieve.


Facilitate access to rapid means of diagnosis of diseases for the entire population by improving the quality of life. Be profitable, socially and environmentally responsible and capable of ensuring the long-term future.


Pantest set as its mission the provision of rapid diagnostic tests with a suitable price to the people they are intended (especially the underdeveloped countries), ensuring in all its process quality and reliability of the diagnostic test. Promotes access to higher levels of knowledge, respecting the primacy of life and environment through the development of the intellectual capital organizations on a permanent search of the best.

Pantest develops its activity based on three platforms of excellence:

Excellence in human talent

  • Transmission and development of the company's values;
  • Evaluating and rewarding performance;
  • Attentive management and challenging the career of each;
  • Promoting a culture of accountability, rigor and achievement;
  • Sharing knowledge and create teamwork spirit.

The excellence in the provision of commercial service

  • Management the relationship with the customer;
  • Improved constant all services.

Excellence in operations and systems

  • Development of permanent innovation capabilities;
  • improving systematic;
  • Increased productivity strong;
  • Control costs.


  • To support and develop human resources;
  • To monitor and reduce gas emissions and residues;
  • To promote Research & Development;
  • To invest in technological modernization;
  • To ensure sustainability;
  • To create values for the customers;
  • To strengthen ethical behaviour;
  • To foster creativity;
  • To increase market orientation;
  • To guarantee quality;
  • To foster enthusiasm.


  • Appreciation of human capital;
  • Hygiene and safety;
  • Respect for the environment;
  • Loyalty, integrity, ethics and innovation;
  • Global quality;
  • Internal and external customer satisfaction.